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Web Development

We use modern technologies and develop agile


We host your software and support you even after development

Cloud Development

For special requirements for high scalability


The concept focuses on analysis and planning, which form the basis for every software development project. Here we work with you to develop the functional scope of the software and bring our own ideas and experience to bear. The scope, period and costs can then be assessed.

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Web Development

We specialize in the development of web applications and web services that are characterized by a high degree of complexity. Our services include the specification of the requirements, the UI / UX design, the development and also the operation of the applications. We attach great importance to performance and stability, which we ensure through unit and E2E tests.

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Open Source Frameworks

#symfony #react #angular #spring

Frameworks provide an excellent basis for writing high quality code and minimizing security risks. They enable the developer to use a kind of reusable structure that is supplemented with individual code and thus completes the application. So you benefit from a higher speed and code quality right from the start.

Agile Development

#scrum #sprint #agile

Agile development means the increased transparency and flexibility in the software development process. The development process is divided into so-called sprints. After each sprint, part of the functional software is delivered to the customer. This part can now be tested with selected customers or employees. The feedback then flows into the next sprint planning.


#automation #development #lifecycle

A software development process is hidden behind these terms. It ensures continuous automation over the entire life cycle of an application. This process enables us to work with multiple developers on a project. New code is first developed, checked and then merged with the main part.

Cloud Development

Cloud computing is the provision of computing power over the Internet. The use is flexible. As soon as more power is needed, the cloud scales automatically. Accordingly, there is no need to maintain your own server.

In cloud development, it is important to ensure that you choose the right programming language, including frameworks and database, for your project and use the appropriate web services.

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We won't leave you alone after development. With our individual hosting offer, we also take care of your software during operation. In combination with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), we offer you the all-round package, which also includes maintenance and repair. We monitor availability and ensure a low probability of failure, which is just as important as the GDPR-compliant operation of the application when storing personal data.

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