Our customers are startups and established medium-sized companies from various industries.

mein Bauernhof

#digital #farm #local

Buy (organic) products directly from nearby producers


#digital #context #learn #app

Learning app with personalized learning content for languages

VTA Software & Service

#digital #Gasolinestorage #shippingprocess

Leading provider of software solutions for everything to do with shipping, biofuel sustainability and EMCS in Germany


#Camper #Renting #Platform

Platform to rent campers

Reference Projects

We have implemented the following projects either for customers or on our own.

The PDF toolkit from coderei is a hosted service for rendering PDF files efficiently and reliably.

expertmatch is a platform on which freelance software developers and project providers can be found. Developed and operated by coderei.

context-learn is a learning app with personalized learning content for languages.